Frequently Asked Questions

Cozysignals is a forex account management service that automatically executes trades on your account using a specialized strategy that we provide for you. Our aim is to provide the safest way to grow your trading account steadily. Consistency is the key.

Register with our partner broker and verify your account, skip this step if you already have an account with any of our recommended brokers or a broker that you trust.
Register on our platform and login to your dashboard then click on get started to begin.

To ensure our strategy work well with you, we recommend a minimum of $1,000 on your trading account. If your capital is less then consider using a micro or cent account. Alternatively, you can contact us for advice and setup.

Losses are inevitable in trading, we make both wins and losses but our system ensure that at the end of a given period, your account is positive.

Yes. We allow you to try out the service for up to 3 days for you to be convinced before you pay for it.

We recommend you sign up with our patner broker for a proper flow of communication between our account and yours. However, our solution is not broker dependent hence you can use your own broker.

Absolutely yes, you own your account and your capital, hence you can control every thing, you can close out all trades from your account as well but we don't recommend interupting the service at any time.

No, our charges is only the subscription fee you pay to us, you own your earnings 100%. In a situation where you subscribe to our percentage share option through our patner broker, then you don't need to pay a subscription, instead we earn a fixed percentage on your profit.

Yes. We offer support all through, we help with setup (getting connected) and subsequent queries you may have.